About Us

As an independent specialist team, based in Durban, South Africa, with over 30 years’ experience, we have become synonymous with quality control assurance within the shipping industry relating to husbandry activities performed by the commercial diving sector.

Our services are offered both locally as well as on an international front where there is a need for quality control expertise. Quality Control expertise is offered on the ‘after-cleaning’ activities of Rudder, Rope Guard, Sea Chest Gratings, Bilge Keels, Flat bottom, Vertical sides as well as ‘after-cleaning’ activities on Bow, Stern Thrusters and Propeller Polishes (To Rupert A scale),.

We believe in driving quality standards within the industry, minimising the risk and cost to the commercial shipping industry by ensuring client’s needs are performed in accordance with client’s brief and where this is not met, to adequately and efficiently investigate and report on this giving the client the necessary information to make informed decisions and take action where necessary.

How and why did we get started?

Years of being in the diving industry highlighted the need for quality control on work performed by those offering husbandry services, as more often than not, upon completion of hull cleaning services, little to no guarantee is afforded to vessel captains or owners that husbandry services have been adequately or sufficiently actioned. There was a call within the shipping industry to provide this service, specifically a service by those who understand the importance of shipping husbandry. We wanted to provide a reliable, experienced and highly qualified team to meet this need and hence Africa Ship QC was formed with this intention in mind.


How do we serve our clients?

Our services entail providing trusted and reliable after cleaning inspection with the latest technology being used giving clients detailed investigation findings on husbandry services performed, affording clients the needed knowledge to remedy any defects on substandard or defective work. This will not only limit the need for dry docking but, is also a financially viable and sound decision for those within the shipping industry.


For more detail on the services we offer, don’t hesitate to contact us directly via our contact page or reach out to us on info@africashipqc.com